General lease terms at tourist use

At booking time the holidaymaker must pay a down payment as confirm earnest. The balance payment is due 15 days before arrival date, or if agreed with Il Casolare T.O. at arrival time by IL CASOLARE agency office. In case the payment doesn’t reach at right time, IL CASOLARE may cancel the booking and keep the first down payment. Every request (additional bed, baby coat, etc.) is valid only if written down, and confirmed by CASOLARE. The booking means the total acceptance of these general lease terms.

As soon as received the balance payment, IL CASOLARE will send to the client the voucher with the address and directions to reach the property. The owner may not accept the client if the number of persons ( adults and children over 12 years old) is more than the sleeping capacity of the apartment or if they are brought in animals unless agreed before. The owner may ask to leave the property if the client doesn’t stay at the rules. In these cases they are not accepted any refunds and/or expenses from the client.

The payments must be done in EUROS with Swift wire transfer or by credit card (VISA/MASTERCARD with a 3% more), without any additional expense for the beneficiary. On the Swift wire transfer the client has to specify his name, and name of located property. The payments done in other money currency then EUROS won’t be accepted. Every other additional expense is to pay cash on place at the owner at departure time.

Except different directions arrival is from 15.00 o’clock till 17.00 o’clock. Departure is between  8.00 o’clock and 10.00 o’clock in order to give back keys and allow the owner to check the condition of the apartment. Each and every change/delay of arrival time please has to be notified at least two days before arrival at the agency. Tel /fax 0039(0)577717104 o e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. In case the owner can’t accept ,or can’t be reached to notify him a late time arrival the incidental charges for a different overnight staying will be at client expenses. At the arrival the client has to show at the owner documents of every person in order to register their name as Italian law wants.

As written on the voucher at arrival the client has to give a security deposit. This amount of money will be given back at departure time after eventual extra expenses or eventual occurred damages. Both the owner and the client exonerate the agency from any dispute should occur between them about the deposit or the return of the security deposit. The flats are cleaned and tide at every new arrival. The client has to pay final cleaning if written in the voucher at booking. This amount doesn’t includes the cleaning of the kitchen and the removal of garbage from the apartment, both at client charge. Otherwise the owner can take out from the security deposit the price for final cleaning starting from a minimum of 25,00€ each apartment rented. The heating is regulated from regional laws. In Tuscany the heating can be used from beginning of November till end of April Animals are accepted only when written in the description of flats. At booking time must be said how many animals and which breed. The client has to watch the animal in order to avoid damages.

The clients have to use the flat by respecting the place and traditions of the area. Otherwise the owner may ask the holidaymaker to leave the apartment, and/or take out from the security deposit the amount of money necessary to pay compensations for damages and cleaning expenses. In this case the clients can’t ask any refund or compensation.

The owner has the access to the property for any maintenance work to the garden, swimming pool, or else.

Il CASOLARE declines every responsibility in case of changes done in the apartment out of his knowing it. Anyway in case of claim the client has to contact Il CASOLARE and write down within 24 hours from his arrival his complaints. The client will allow the agency to make an inspection for the necessary controls, in order to sort out the reasons of claims, and to try to solve them. The client that leaves the apartment earlier than expected without notice and consent, he has no right to ask for refund or compensation. No claims differently done from what written or out of time, will be accepted. They aren’t valid reasons of claims atmospheric events, insects, or typical animals of the region, electric energy or water suspensions when due to unexpected events, or distributor Companies. The style of properties reflects the local tradition and the taste of the owner. Any inconvenience resulting from these reasons can’t be accepted as valid claim. Should the booking be cancelled by IL CASOLARE, it will undertake to suggest options with the same characteristics; should the price of the chosen alternative be less than the prior, the difference will be reimbursed. Shouldn’t be found an agreement, Il CASOLARE will refund the client the total amount paid, with the exclusion of any refund.

The agency IL CASOLARE declares to have stipulated all compulsory insurances according to Regional laws, Italian laws, and International laws.

The cancellation from the client for any reason has to be written down and it implies the following penalties:

10% of total amount of rental, if the cancellation comes among the 29th and the 15 th day before arrival date;

30% of total amount of rental, if the cancellation comes among the 14th and the 7th day before arrival date;

70% of total amount of rental, if the cancellation comes among the 6th day and the 3d day before arrival;

After the 90% of rental will be due to Il CASOLARE. In case the agency will rent again the just cancelled apartment for the same cancelled period, the client will have to pay agency expenses and /or discounts made in order to re-book the location. The refund amount will be established quantity ground according to circumstances.

For any dispute is competent Siena’s court. The applied law is the Italian one.

Each and every necessaries given data for booking will be used only in order to close the booking contract.